Hamid Azimi
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Keynote: Dr. Hamid Azimi

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  • Corporate VP, Director, Substrate Packaging Technology Development
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Dr. Azimi leads the Substrate Package Technology Development organization at Intel and is responsible for developing industry leading substrate package materials, processes, and equipment technologies, as well as the associated supply chain capabilities to enable high volume manufacturing for substrates across our 15+ supplier factories. He joined Intel in 1995 and has since served in various leadership roles in the Technology Development organization. Starting 2010, he led the establishment of Intel’s first substrate R&D factory in Chandler AZ which became the birthplace of panel level die embedding (EMIB) and the key corner stone for establishing package platforms for Intel data center products. Hamid holds more than a dozen patents and has given numerous talks at international conferences. He is a board member and the General Chair of International Semiconductor Executive Summit. In 2014, Hamid received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Lehigh University where he completed his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering.

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Advanced Packaging Ecosystem: Challenges and Solutions

Advanced packaging architectures are today widely acknowledged as being increasingly important to drive performance and cost improvements of microelectronics systems. As a result, several innovative packaging architectures have been announced in recent years. On-package integration provides a compact, power efficient platform for Heterogeneous Integration of diverse IP that support faster time to market and cost/yield benefits. In this talk, I will describe current technology envelopes and future scaling directions for representative advanced packaging architectures. Key areas of focus will be (1) interconnect scaling, (2) power efficient high bandwidth signaling including optical interconnects, (3) Hybrid Bonding, (4) test challenges for chiplets/die block assembly, and (5) advanced power delivery technologies. The talk will conclude with a call for broad collaboration across industry and academia in multiple areas including technology R&D, design, standardization and supply chain development.

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